TGIF Jams 2.0

This week’s playlist is awesome. To sum it up: Do the right thing, shake it off, bright lights, in the Dirty South. Keep up the positive firepower, and Yes, yes, yes!

Deadmau5 and Chris James back in 2012. Wicked. (Language=explicit)

I came across a revealing video of the moment that Deadmau5 came across Chris James’ vocals on his track for “The Veldt”. Check out the video post I included this week. Needless to say he loved it (this was way back in 2012), but I finally got around to reading the short story that the song is based on, so I thought I would throw it up on this week’s playlist.

Hope you have fun with this week’s playlist, check out the story and keep dropping the positive energy. Yes!

I put this playlist together the day after raging at a street party in the fish market section of St. Lucia’s North-East shore, after finding out some of the best news, and finishing the hardest working four months of my life. These songs should take you from your afternoon run to late in the evening on the dance floor. Have a great weekend, and enjoy this playlist. Yes!

Check back for your playlist Friday night or Saturday AM! I’m traveling via ferry through a tropical storm to St. Lucia tomorrow. Kiteboarding should be awesome on the other side of the storm though. Enjoy till then.