TGIF Jams 2.0

For everyone still maintaining a forward thinking positive state of mind through this winter, spring is just around the corner. This week’s playlist is about relaxing, quieting the mind and preparing to dominate as the weather turns.

This week’s playlist started out to be of the chill step genre, the kind of music you can really fall into after a run, but it quickly turned a little blue grass and electronic. This is pretty much par for course. All of these genres evoke an emotional response, which can translate into focus during work hours or great vibe at a party, and don’t forget the run. Get outside this weekend, even if it is pouring. I hope it’s the right mix for you throughout the weekend. Enjoy.

This week’s playlist is great. I have been looking forward to the release of Jose Gonzalez’s Step Outside since I heard it on the Walter Mitty movie trailer. The song has a great combination of dynamic piano and forte giving it great velocity characteristics. The rest of the playlist is what I’ve been hitting play on every day this week. Drake’s ‘From Time’, I somehow missed getting into when the album came out two months ago, Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover is breaking out of tv to pursue music and his hit Telegraph Ave is on here. Check out his Pound Cake freestyle. Finally a great throw back remix of Busta, and another track to compliment Jose, Sweater Weather by the Neighborhood, which I think is amazing. Enjoy and share it around this weekend.